I was stuck in an office building and I can hear multiple screams of pain and anguish. It was like a scene from Hostel. A man was hunting me down. A naked Christian Bale with, not a chainsaw but a blood-soaked machete to be vividly exact. He cornered me, we are now in a big wooden shed. He was about to struck me when a jeep burst through the barn door and into Christian Bale, knocking him out. The driver of the jeep ran towards him and I toss a knife to her so she can finish him off. She hesitated and cannot seem to do it ( I later learned he was her husband), so I rushed to Christian Bale and stabbed him in the forehead with a pencil. Blood was shooting out and I stabbed him again, this time I tore down with the pencil exposing his brain. I was drenched with blood. Evil Dead came to mind.

Then I woke up. No more movies before bed.